Maintenance & Services

We work with healthcare professionals every day, matching innovative capabilities in medical technology with skills to provide the best possible outcomes for patients. As our company focuses on utmost customer’ satisfaction, we offer broad range of services including round-the-clock customer support, training and peer-based course to assure quality usage and profitability on both ends at all times.

Surgical and Endoscopy Systems

Combining our experience and expertise in gastrointestinal endoscopy products with Olympus’ leadership in innovative technology. Our responsibility to do a complete and first-rate endoscope refurbishment repair and restoration goes to the doctors and health care facilities that have placed their confidence in us and have sent us their dysfunctional endoscopes. Our liability extends to their patients who deserve a proper functioning endoscope so that their physicians can perform procedures promptly and observe the pathology clearly thus making an accurate diagnosis.

Laboratory Equipments

We provide comprehensive PM procedures for all laboratory equipments from microscopes to various kinds of laboratory devices to meet high-end system solutions in the field of healthcare. We offer the best in quality repair and maintenance services to keep your equipment flawless, so that your focus is on experimentation and implementation.

Sterilization and Steam Equipments

We conduct trainings and seminars on the proper cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of our endoscopes. Sterilization is highly important for their proper use, therefore controlling or preventing infections and cross contamination probability is one of our main concerns. We provide everything you need to ensure the best possible hygienic workflow in your reprocessing department – from educational videos to safety information related to the reprocessing of our endoscopes.


Our engineers and technicians are continuously factory trained with the latest technologies of our Principals.

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